Herobrine AI V1.2.0

Golden - Adventure level - from Android
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Here it is, the Herobrine Artificial intelligence, powered by randoms, it is still buggy, so this still needs improvements, but you can help adding some fun ;)

+Added layer warp
+Fixed Bugs
+Added Weapons
#Rip Herobrine's head off to permanently kill him
+Added Herobrine

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  • BloodStorm: I FREAKIN KNOCKED OVER HIS BOX THEN HEADSHOT HIM WITH ROCKETS!!!!! Dont shoot me or end up like him in other battle games.
  • x32g: Ooh! I started this! I feel special!
  • JOELwindows7: Real Duper Awesome!
  • Agito: Will be cool to add lua skin on the robots
  • Agito: If you didn't know the herobrine can shoot fire balls but is is one creepy Ai and good

LEVEL ID: 22341