Hungry Hungry Shark 0.3 (BETA)

Demon666 - Custom level - from Windows
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update 0.3
- redesigned the antigravity controller(s)
- redesigned the propulsion fins
- filled the shark in
- basic swimming motion fins&tail
- increased the sharks speed/acceleration
- better breakthrough power
- better collision dectection with floor
- now it attacks robots on the 1st&3rd layers
- various uther under-the-hood changes

future updates:
- prevented stuff from getting stuck in its mouth
- now it roams when it finishs killing robots
- fix the bug that causes its head to fall apart
- maybe some lua water+more structures to destroy

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  • BloodStorm: amazing
  • JupiterSky: How did you make it target random robots with lua?
  • Toby stahl: Very cool
  • electro: You rocks man, you rocks
    I was thinking thrusters on x,y,-x and-y axis and by controlling their thrust, you can move in any direction in XY plane
    And you rocks!!!!
  • Demon666: @electro: if your thinking about adding thrusters that are hinged on dc motors that rotate then yes i could have done that. but it would be far less stable. having a circle of objects positioned in all directions allows you to emulate the stabilizer object. the shark does have its own stabilizer objects because i thought i would need them. but now they are all set to around zero because the thrusters stabilize themselves. also i found the more thrusters i add the more stable it gets lol.
  • electro: Do you really need a circle of thrusters?
    I think only 4 are sufficient.

    Awesome build btw
  • BedrockStar: @Demon666: Eh is only (Beta) I was thinking that this is (Delta)
  • Demon666: @MARRA92: i do need to update my antigravity system alittle more tho. currently each antigravity unit has 16 thrusters. I'm working on making it so that you can have more then 16 and different numbers or thrusters on each unit. i got with 36 thrusters lmao
  • MARRA92: @Demon666: yeah is possible make some insane things there
  • Demon666: @HXCTCreations: "swimming through the air" xD
  • HXCTCreations: It's not swimming, it's flying!
  • Demon666: @MARRA92: this could be beautiful lmao. i could make the cape/crown/lightning with lua.
  • Demon666: @MARRA92: that's actually a really good idea! reminds me of an unfinished project i started ages ago, a giant jellyfish with electrified tentacles. got the idea from an old episode of spongebob. the one with king jellyfish lmfao.
  • MARRA92: LOL mega octopus with suction cups tentacles :O
    inspirationz :D
  • MARRA92: Hmmmmmmm, we could design a assassin ship-eater giant shark or seamonster for my naval level xD
  • JOELwindows7: Once you've been locked, there will no be escape, ever!
  • Anubis: @Golden: @Demon666: same here too
  • that guy2: Well.

    Me threatening to leave was evidently one of the greatest things to happen to this game.
    But it was probably completely unrelated and I'm just arrogantly attributing everything to my own actions.
    either way, I'd say this game is back on the rise.
  • Chad64: awsum shark btw
  • Chad64: you may have probably overwritten an old level of yours, since its currently at revision 2.
  • Atomic Cyclone: @Demon666: oh wow :D
  • BedrockStar: @Demon666: Add to this level water and
    I will have heart attack :L
  • Golden: @Demon666: same here, I'm seeing it...
  • Demon666: @TechZ: i just noticed that the website says Jun 09, 2016.... am i the only one seeing this?
  • TechZ2124: Very nice design !

LEVEL ID: 22448