builder123 - Adventure level - from Windows
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Thiss is BC101 Powered by base style

26.7.2016 = *EPIC* Update : Off-Road Small Truck
21.8.2016 = *NICE* Update : Mega Bullet Cannon

How to open gate ? Click on green button middle of left side wheels


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  • a-zA-ZO-9: @Coolblocks749: 만드는데 오레 걸렸겠네요
  • builder123: @that guy: it like "F" for charge with aim and "G" for fire
  • builder123: @that guy: F = For aim that lasers and G= for total wreck
  • builder123: @Coolblocks749: u must press F AND G together
  • Coolblocks749: Half of the lasers dont fire.
  • that guy2: I would reccommend a system of IF-ELSE's to control multiple guns with the same widgets. Also, more guns. Bigger guns. A HUGE GUN THAT TAKES UP THE ENTIRE TOP PANEL MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *ehem*

LEVEL ID: 22486