Auto-Braking and ABS Brakes Update

disleksiaRools - Custom level - from Android
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Many car companies are releasing new models with intelligent crash-prevention systems. One these crash-prevention systems is auto-braking. Auto-braking uses sensors in the front of the vehicle to activate the brakes when they detect an obstacle approaching rapidly. This is what I've tried to replicate in this level.
Slider controls motor speed.

This is also an update to the abs brakes series I've been working on (see my page for previous updates and features).
This update adds an if--select gate which turns the throttle off when the brakes are applied.
(As well as the auto-braking system, obviously)

Thanks to BobMonkeyPimp for help on previous versions of the abs brakes series!

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  • JOELwindows7: Wow, Extremly Duper Juber Awesome real Awesome Awesome AWESOME!!!
    It has proximity brake! Like in real life, to auto brake when object ahead detected to avoid crashing it!
  • disleksiaRools: @BloodStorm: Yeah! For sure.
  • BloodStorm: The proximity sensor braking was a good idea. Can i use it on my Hover Rocket?

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