[HELP]--Hovercraft Stabilization and Tilt Control Tutorial

disleksiaRools - Custom level - from Android
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So I was trying to make a tutorial (the first in a series of basic hovercraft components/systems) , but ironically I ran into trouble myself.
The circuits are not the issue. Instead, the issue I'm having is that the tiltometer over-corrects so the craft oscillates at greater and greater speeds until eventually the craft begins to spin uncontrollably. I tried to counteract this by adding a weight, reducing the thrust of the thrusters, and even dampening the input with muladds. None of which worked.
I'm looking for a solution to that doesn't use stablizers, lua, or reducing the mobility/power of the thrusters (i.e adding more weight or reducing the thrust of the thrusters).
Any help is appreciated!

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  • disleksiaRools: @BobMonkeypimp: Alright, I appreciate the information, looks like I'll have to settle for using a stabalizer.
  • BobMonkeypimp: @BloodStorm: The tiltmeters are fine, it's just the physics on principia. Adding a stabiliser with just one above the lowest settings is a good fix. Just don't set the stabiliser too high on a hover vehicle or it ruins it.
  • BloodStorm: Im having the same trouble with my hover rockets. I think its a new update glitch with the tiltometers.
  • BobMonkeypimp: Wider hovercrafts tend to be inherently more stable but unfortunately due to the physics of Principia, a stabiliser is sometimes required to smooth things out. Often the lowest settings are enough.

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