Simple 3D Projector 1.2

HXCTCreations - Custom level - from Android
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Displays wireframe of 2D perspective projection of 3D objects generated within the script.

Z: Rotate object in xz and yz plane
X: Rotate object in xy plane
F: Previous object
G: Next object

-Added edge thickness
-Rewrote the entire script, mainly on object data, it's more flexible now :)
-Because of new script, this no longer renders same edges multiple times :)
-New display
-New object
-Minor changes
-Updated Description
-New advanced draw function(with culling and fog effects!)

It has a lot of potential and can render any object! (As long as the object is low poly, too much face can cause lag) Post your suggestion for new objects!


Object structure:
Each object is a table and has two subtables, the first contains vertices datas and the second contains edge datas.
Each edge is a table containing two vertices ids.
Each vertex is a table containing x, y, and z coordinates.

Each vertex in the object is projected from a point, in the script defined by cam, which is a table containing x, y, and z coordinates and faces down the z axis.
using the projection function, it returns x and y coordinates of the vertex when displayed in 2D plane. With each vertex has its own (x,y) projected coordinates, the rendering function draws lines for every edge.

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  • JupiterSky: @Chad64: lel
  • JupiterSky: So... this kind of stuff keeps the peeps happy then? Look at how many people comented.
  • Chad64: oh so the edges are the main source of display, k i wont sleep yet
  • Chad64: so edges are lines, vertices are points, wherein the vertices position is set via offsetting from the inputted x,y and z which act as the center? Ill check out the code again soon. i need some sleep lol
  • Chad64: Just checked this code. makes perfect sense now, its just that I get real dizzy looking at codes that i never tried and havent fully understood. I'll get it soon lol. im excited to try some 3d designs :D
  • TechZ2124: I am surprised I didn't see this before. Amazing work !
  • Egorik: Sphere eat fps )
  • woodnut2: Pure magic :) Love it
  • TheBossMan: That is inpossible
  • Ahmad Khaled: Super level
  • x32g: Could you maybe add a tetris block? I think the weird looking one that looks like a square but with the bottom offset would be cool.
  • WaterCrystall: It seems like it's time to gather all builders in this community and create a 3d video game in 3d video game! :D
  • nuklear2: O_O SOOOOO AMAZING
  • igoralexeymarengobr: Wow
  • JOELwindows7: Nah! That's better!
  • kacperTMPL: nice!
  • JOELwindows7: Thx for Allow Derivatives!
  • HEKPOH: Now you have one more subscriber.
  • HXCTCreations: @Chad64: lol actually i learned lua a while ago, anyway its only some simple mathematics and something to do with cartesian coordinates and trigonometry.
  • Chad64: i feel like your a normal lua programmer that just found out that his new game also has a built-in lua script
  • Coolblocks749: Woah. 2 levels in and THIS? Bravo!
  • Golden: This is amazing
  • Golden: WTF, mind blown
  • HXCTCreations: Thanks! :) @JOELwindows7 derivatives will be allowed soon!
    @GlaDos Im working on it :)
  • GlaDos: Awesome!! Can you make an Hypercube? I don't understand it
  • JOELwindows7: Alright, what degree are you? If so, welcome, to the real Lua world!
    Duper Awesome! allow Derivatives!!!
  • BobMonkeypimp: Very nice indeed.
  • stardustdestruktor: Nice

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