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mznznlt - Custom level - from Android
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first time i make one of these, so dont judge too much, im more of a "that lua guy" than a mechanick. Lol.耀

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  • electro: @mznznlt: hmm... It is time of thinking that how I came here. Hmmmmm.... Don't know, forgot it
  • mznznlt: @electro: how did you even come here? Its a really old level.....
  • electro: This is something which looks good
  • ricardito08: Make a track for it.
  • JOELwindows7: A red blamket F1 car. Awesome! 4 star
  • The_Blacksmith_: Awesome! This thing can really blast away the competition ;)
  • jammer312: mznznlt: I posted my wish for principia update, so we, spriters, will not being forced to build these planks constructions. Btw, some plank constructions are really awesome!
  • mznznlt: For colision detection just put a border around the whole object, and texture would be kinda hard, but possible, and WAY less lagy on low end devices. But its simplier to create these kind of bodies and they look cooler in screenshoots.
  • zardOz2: Not nessesarily, it would be nigh impossible for you to recreate the 390 excavator with sprites... and of course the collision detection as functionality.
  • mznznlt: @zardOz: well i had to reattach it like five times each after glitching out, but it works :) @jammer312: looked at the forums. And i didnt use lua because i wanted to try out that body type, and im not doing that again, lua is way better :D
  • jammer312: Also look at forum
  • jammer312: Hey "that lua guy", why don't use sprites instead of planks? It save space, so you can add other lua scripts here and then... ...blahblahblah... ... and after you add hyperbolical engine to lua powered spacecraft you can conguer principia!
  • zardOz2: Top notch suspension, lots of 2 part objects working together...
  • jammer312: I know it slightly, but it's coding format. Every symbol is represented as (2 or 4? I don't remember) bytes, and can be read as different symbols, depending on coding format. Default in linux(ubuntu,android and etc) systems is UTF-8(unicode). But some browsers read it as other symbols.
  • mznznlt: @jammer312: ASCII? Not sure what that means....
  • jammer312: Yep, that' some of ASCII tricks )))
  • mznznlt: Okay so now there is chinesse symbols instead of rectangles in the end of descriptions. Yey

LEVEL ID: 2268