Weight Measurement Tool + (E)

MARRA92 - Custom level - from Windows
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Measure the weight of your builds in a second!


Press play and click the coloured polygon, edit its size and see weight change!
-Added Digital Indicator, current tarature of instrument shows 100 with 1.00 coefficient weight (200 with 2 and so), making it with max error of 1% (mulad setted at 1.0 to change in base your needs and scale).

Extremely usefull system that let you know or have a unit of measure to confront about mass of your creations.

As we know, electronic and mechanic components have a weight here, especially on more complex builds, and we can't reduce it; With this tool you will know everything you need about mass of your builds.

Try fill the can with different things!

High detail custom gauge included.

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My first level to entry a Top Year!


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