Weight Measurement Tool + (E)

MARRA92 - Custom level - from Windows
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Measure the weight of your builds in a second!


Press play and click the coloured polygon, edit its size and see weight change!
-Added Digital Indicator, current tarature of instrument shows 100 with 1.00 coefficient weight (200 with 2 and so), making it with max error of 1% (mulad setted at 1.0 to change in base your needs and scale).

Extremely usefull system that let you know or have a unit of measure to confront about mass of your creations.

As we know, electronic and mechanic components have a weight here, especially on more complex builds, and we can't reduce it; With this tool you will know everything you need about mass of your builds.

Try fill the can with different things!

High detail custom gauge included.

My first level to entry a Top Year!


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