Timed puzzle . Dragfield frustration .

woodnut2 - Custom level - from Android
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We all love these or hate them .
Find the way from start to finish.
Some areas the ball needs tossed to next dragfield.
Timed race, but free camera looking.
From building block boredom ,for the bored players.

Views: 448 Downloads: 76 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 157

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1. nuklear2
2. Cepet100
3. x32g
4. Maximka
5. Golden
6. that guy2
7. HXCTCreations
10. paxus

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  • nuklear2: @woodnut: dont worry ur a moderator u should put yourself higher than me
  • woodnut2: @nuklear2: sry. my mistake. You are good man.
  • nuklear2: @woodnut: sorry couldnt get to you earlier next time tag me pls
    and i only tried it twice
  • woodnut2: nuklear2 , did you try many times? Lightning score.
  • woodnut2: Nice scores

LEVEL ID: 23418