The Ohio One - Custom level - from Android
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Hovering Intelligence and Reconnaissance Helicopter Drone

Things to add later:
Investigation stops
Controls (maybe)

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  • iQuartz: Can you please make this edit I wanna use the inside to make a boss
  • The Ohio One: @nuklear2: it doesn't get stuck, it gets going again
  • nuklear2: stuck
  • nuklear2: on the grey area it hit the ground and got stick
  • nuklear2: @The Ohio One: about it hitting the ground
  • The Ohio One: @nuklear2: that wasn't a yes or no question
  • nuklear2: @The Ohio One: yes
  • The Ohio One: @nuklear2: i am about to update it now with something i've been working on
  • The Ohio One: @nuklear2: wait, did you mean the game or the creation hit the ground
  • nuklear2: @The Ohio One: put the proximity sensors more forwards (make this not igrammatical)
  • The Ohio One: @nuklear2: it does that, it's not quite finished
  • nuklear2: it crashed

LEVEL ID: 23498