Mono Wheelchair (WIP) [CONTEST] Design My Wheelchair

FirePhenixFire - Custom level - from Android
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So... After fun tests at hospital I have finally succumbed to the fact that I will have to use a wheelchair to get about easily. I can walk but it is incredibly painful.

Instead of being miserable and depressed, I've been trying to see the positives but I could still do with a laugh.

What better way for a laugh than asking you genius inventors to design a wheelchair for me? :)

So as a fun contest I'd like you to do just that. It could be anything - weaponised, gadget laden, practical, silly or perhaps design a fun course for your invention...

There are no real rules as this just limits creativity, just try & make it a derivative of this level so it is easier to find for judging.

Also if you want to put an accurate likeness of me in the chair, I look like a Viking :) Long blonde hair & pretty much exactly what you'd imagine a Viking to look like (minus the battle armour & the fact I'm English).

Let's say a couple of weeks at most for the contest & I hope you have fun :)

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