Is it me or is Principia slowly dying?

Coolblocks749 - Custom level - from Android
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More and more of the population is undereducated, and more and more of our community members are leaving. In time will this place be deserted?

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  • spyninja242001: I came back, i still love this game, i wasnt able to make things on principia because they no longer support ios
  • The Ohio One: It won't be deserted if you stay
  • potatoguyst: i came back from the dead
  • potatoguyst: im back
  • Chad64: life is random. It's either principia dies off, or gains amazing members. The old builders who left will probably come back sometime to add a bit of liveliness to the state now. Why don't you create stuff?

    me? im just refreshing my creativity because i don't want to create too much bs levels. Im still creating stuff once in a while if I'm determined. :)
  • Hobbit: I must admit, I just don't know what to build anymore. Maybe I'm to uneducated for this game!
  • woodnut2: Slowly dying ? Aren't we all ? Sry for the zen moment :) I look at life the opposite way. " How can I help with the life of this game"
    Maybe the writing is on the wall, as they say , but it ain't over, till it's over ; is my belief.
    Things cycle ,@Golden: I think is right and the open source has big potential to renew old builders and attract new.
    This game is timeless in design I think but that alone will not increase great building and players.
  • blackghost: @Golden: i think open source project is stopped . they said it will be open sourced before almost one year but nothing happened . i think authors of principia forgot the game
  • blackghost: i hope this game never die and i hope there will be new updates and new items and objects
  • blackghost: maybe you remember when they add suction cup to the game . all players found that was good update and they started to make new levels with this new item
  • nuklear2: @GlaDos: im planning on making dos aoperating system
  • Golden: I just never want to abandon this game, this game can help players to be engineer and things... Even coder
  • Golden: @blackghost: correct, there is no update, however, this Principia will be soon open sourced which you can edit and add objects, im the oldest player lol, I joined this game in-between 2012 and 2013, when I heard apparatus 2 was released (I also a apparatus player joined in 2010)
  • GlaDos: And the people do contest with 1, 2 or 3 subscribers
  • GlaDos: @Atomic Cyclone: I'm working in a 400 bytes memory, and when I learn something more, I'll do an ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) and using some ALUs, you can do a real CPU
  • GlaDos: Principia is dying
  • blackghost: when you make good updates for this games all players will keep playing it and make amazing things .
  • blackghost: i think its true principia is dying not because old players are leaving but because there is no new updates for principia
  • Atomic Cyclone: Yes people are leaving principia cuz is getting full of noobs that spams stupid or trol levels and also the bigger builders were ending ideas. Sorry for mi bad english

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