Timed driving puzzle

woodnut2 - Custom level - from Android
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Time ticks away at top right.
Drive the machine past the tricks and traps.
Look for short cuts to lower time.
Reach the orange polygon to stop time.
Left slider - throttle .
Top Rt. slider - Speed ( L ) Torque ( R )
Bottom Rt . slider - Forward ( L ) Reverse ( R )
I love this type of level, hope you like your 2 or 3 minutes playing.
Take your time where you need to .
Speed where you can :)

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1. Golden
2. joosuntaik
3. woodnut2
4. hosj12


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  • woodnut2: @Golden: difficult is how I spell awesome , thanks.
  • Golden: This is difficult but awesome
  • nuklear2: @woodnut: ok
  • woodnut2: @nuklear2: I could but then you could move it by hand from the upper puzzle ? Maybe I'll move the field . Thanks :)
  • nuklear2: you can just tick 'do not requier dragfield'
  • nuklear2: @woodnut: yes that sry
    but it got stuck oitside the range of the drag field
  • woodnut2: @Anubis: Thanks, blue maybe ?
  • woodnut2: @nuklear2: the interactive blue one you have to move by hand ?
  • nuklear2: URGHHHHHH

    i completed the level but the ball got stuk
    my score was like 222
  • Anubis: But cool lvl. You have my upvote.
  • Anubis: The green BG hurts my eyes.
  • woodnut2: One of my old levels improved and expanded.

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