My, Little Ball's Big Adventure! Updated!

woodnut2 - Custom level - from Android
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Really having fun adding to the sequence but now update time .

NEW : added my first lua script to a level. Original code by Cralant for 1.4 .
Updated /edit by me for my little ball.
May need a restart.

Have fun!

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  • Wertyk3232: O_O IT AWESOME!
  • woodnut2: @The Ohio One: know you don't get replies, but thanks dude :)
  • The Ohio One: Very nice @woodnut:
  • woodnut2: @Golden: Thanks, I've been trying very hard to learn/edit some lua.
  • Golden: Damn woodnut, how can you nut my wood? This is awesome if i could give 2 likes
  • woodnut2: @NanoDude05: working on my pc now with some changes.
  • woodnut2: @sjoerd1999: Thanks :)
  • sjoerd19992: Never thought I would enjoy a level about balls so much xD.
    Great job man!
  • woodnut2: @NanoDude05: published on android. I'll check on PC later . Thanks
  • NanoDude05: @woodnut: Wait it work on Android
  • woodnut2: Do you see a change I can make@NanoDude05:
  • NanoDude05: @woodnut: it bounced on side
  • woodnut2: On the top orange pixel ? @NanoDude05: It must run very different on other machines , I guess.
  • NanoDude05: @woodnut: he didnt miss, the ball bounced on pixel. I tried like 20 times, nothing happened
  • woodnut2: He will miss the catch sometimes, thanks
  • NanoDude05:
  • NanoDude05: @woodnut: at beginning with cleaner bot
  • woodnut2: @NanoDude05: almost every time I play, the ball ends under the ramp as the bot gets bombed above.
  • woodnut2: @NanoDude05: near the end ? The bot moves to 2nd layer ,the ball and wood get struck left is correct. Needs a better ending from there.
  • NanoDude05: @woodnut: it gets stuck because it misses bot
  • woodnut2: @TechZ: Woodnuts wooden ball, lo l. Thanks dude :)
  • TechZ2124: Very neat work ! Im surprised you didn't use a wooden ball aha
  • BloodStorm: The ball
  • woodnut2: @BloodStorm: the cleaner bot? Or the ball.
  • BloodStorm: Then it ends getting stuck in a loop of magnets at the end?
  • woodnut2: @BloodStorm: at the end ? It's supposed to.
  • woodnut2: @NanoDude05: try again. It does that :)
  • BloodStorm: Yeah the cleaner transport 2 leaves right when the metal ball drops.
  • NanoDude05: it got broken
  • woodnut2: @nuklear2: @Chad64: Thanks for your support guys :)
  • Chad64: you sure had fun with magnets. BUT DAT NUTSHOT THO
  • nuklear2: the rolling on lazers is a cool effect

LEVEL ID: 23907