Principia Akinator [WIP]

Golden - Custom level - from Android
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This is work in progress, in second stage

I finished working beginning of Questions

Left/green is yes, middle/yellow is maybe, right/red is no

Numbers above your screen is displayed as level of questions, or maybe sequence

This game is supposedly to guess the username you are thinking

Credits to Demon66 for renovation of lua coding and compaction 

I compacted lua to 100% no wires ;) I had to replace event listener with game:poll_event(5) 

This is still work in progress, so added a answer, i claim TechZ will be first one lol, the grouping is getting harder so i decided to grab a paper and draw a web from main to multiple question connected

V1.0 - added first question and sparsifier function
V2.1 - removed sparsifier function and replaced with sparsifier, added another question
V3.0 - added one answer and replaced event listener with poll

-~ Future Update ~-
*Add Akinator logo
*Add more questions
*Add more answers

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  • Golden: @Demon666: no like, "Does your character play Principia?" Then yes then "Does your character has many subscribers?" Then yes then it skips to level 10 instead 4 that was suppose to say "Is your character a better contest" or something
  • Golden: @Demon666: wait what
  • Demon666: @Golden: skipping levels? it skips because you set it to skip.
  • Golden: @demon666: I have problem, is there possible way to stop skipping? I couldn't stop it using delay
  • that guy2: Do you store each possible conclusion like

    players["that guy"]={
    and just go through a list of all the attributes? That's my first thought on this.
  • electro: Waiting to finish
  • JOELwindows7: Extremly Duper Awesome!!!!!!

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