Principia Economy

Golden - Adventure level - from Android
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Made vendor useful, there is no loss during transaction ;)

White is bank

Red is trader, it lights up when it reached exact currency

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  • JOELwindows7: Cool Awesome concept
  • Golden: @woodnut: ... Well just use builder tool and drag that diamond to the vendor until it absorbs it
  • woodnut2: I got 160 diamonds into trader. It was about to explode. Diamonds comming out the cracks. What am I missing? Love the concept btw
  • Golden: @woodnut: well, cough out some diamonds, then feed it to vendor on red one, and lua will inform you when you reached specific amount to pay for treasure
  • woodnut2: @Golden: the red one, how it work?
  • Golden: @hosj12: go to front of White, then find RC control, then press and hold
  • hosj12: @Golden: I k that bu how do I get it to take my money
  • BloodStorm: It always had potential, its just no one unlocked it
  • Golden: @hosj12: click the item, then click the diamond to dispense from yourself
  • hosj12: I can get it to work

LEVEL ID: 24076