Printer [WIP]

Golden - Custom level - from Android
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Nothing much to say lol

I decide to show you that I am half complete... Maybe 2/4 complete

Again, to show you the design ;)

Oops I found a mistake in code to skip a pixel to print, itz fixed now lol, sorry to person who has OCD, this project is not quite done, when I'm done, I might add printer theme to cover er up

Updated: added some reason lines and some decorations

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  • MARRA92: @Golden: can this be interfaced with the lua radar i used on naval my level to let it scan and print an area? :D will be baddazz
  • Banget: Please allow derivatives to level. Plz
  • JaredmosesGuantia: @Golden: That's Revision #5 and you're not done yet.
  • Golden: @JaredmosesGuantia: it's not done yet...
  • JaredmosesGuantia: The paper is stuck.
  • hosj12: @Golden: how do you change the with of the trail
  • Linux: @Golden: nice
  • Golden: @nuklear2: or someone calls it "Type - X
  • Golden: @nuklear2: "The Printer - X"
  • nuklear2: tpx ? what does tpx mean?
  • nuklear2: @Golden: sure
  • Golden: Does anything me want a sneak peek of my new design for this printer?
  • Golden: @amirahmadkhan81: it's fine lol
  • Golden: @hosj12: there already is, look at wokstations level
  • amirahmadkhan81: @golden
  • mircs1421: Cool,but sometimes is lag
  • hosj12: @Golden: that is attached to an object
  • hosj12: @Golden: can you make a lua device that creates a trail
  • HXCTCreations: Use loops
  • Golden: @Demon666: @HXCTCreations: any advice for this long ass code for sequence
  • Golden: @amirahmadkhan81: also I'm fine now, it's just gonna take week to fully code in sequence
  • Golden: @amirahmadkhan81: get color in prn ~= nil is just debugging
  • amirahmadkhan81: Hi Golden!
    Line 75:
  • Golden: @Demon666: that's a good idea but I'm off to nonlag method which I can print multiple of it
  • Demon666: your probably better off using a sprite instead of plastic boxes for pixels. then you'll be able to adjust the image to any size you want.
  • Golden: Trying to finish this lua is pain in ass, however I made it scanner compatible , it just needs to replace image function and table insertion, I will release this when it is fully complete in new level, then going back to work on Akinator, then back to logo
  • Golden: @HXCTCreations: very clever... Thanks lol
  • HXCTCreations: You assigned 3 values to a variable, hence the value of gr is the 0. The colors should be tables.


    Then edit the code

    if seq >= 10 and seq <= 20 then

    This should fix the problem.
  • Golden: @HXCTcreations: now I have no solution, the set_color isn't working when I placed correct variable of gr=0,1,0 and it doesn't understand it

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