[CONTEST] Flying Machine

BloodStorm - Custom level - from Android
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It uses the same system as the hover jet.
To fly:
Activate both main engines, wait till your at full speed, then unactivate both, activate hovering, when you are low on speed activate lower engine temporally then unactivate when speed is ok


Hi guys. My first contest here!
Let's make a flying thing! I'll choose 3 of it.
End : November 20.

Rules :

☆No Lua
☆No changing of world&Gameplay settings (ex. Gravity)
☆Allow derivatives
☆Must be a derivative of this level

1. The machine must be able to Take off & Land, Controlled by RC.

2. You can only use those limited matarials except electronic connections (EX. signal cable, mini transmitter and reciever.)
You can change their size&color. Don't have to use all of them.

3. No edit of stablizer settings. (anguler = 0.05, linear = X)

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