Super boss

NanoDude05 - Adventure level - from Windows
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My first boss...
-Minions spawn faster
-More life on boss
-Added boss life regeneration
-Made power gun shoot faster

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1. amirahmadkhan81
2. NanoDude05
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5. BloodStorm

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  • Golden: Views: 666
    Coincidence? I think not
    (Im 666th viewer)
  • amirahmadkhan81: It is great
  • amirahmadkhan81: OK
    Im cut connection grapher with builder☺☺☺
    I can't speak english
  • amirahmadkhan81: 227☺
  • NanoDude05: oh my, this level has an issue amirahmadkhan81
  • NanoDude05: TRY AGAIN
  • NanoDude05: @amirahmadkhan81: GLITCH
  • NanoDude05: @amirahmadkhan81: WHAT THE HECK
  • amirahmadkhan81: Im 270☺☺
  • amirahmadkhan81:
  • x32g: Not bad compared to my first boss. I like the variety of attacks, but maybe you should make the boss use the attacks one at a time, it's pretty overwhelming the way it is. Your call though.
  • NanoDude05: @BloodStorm

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