Happy Thanksgiving?

dOUBLEbAD - Custom level - from Android
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In the states we are celebrating the holiday Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for this year?

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  • Golden: @dOUBLEbAD: http://m.9gag.com/gag/ajYp6Ow/lego-harder-than-splitting-an-atom
  • dOUBLEbAD: @Golden: are you referring to the bond they form?
  • Golden: @dOUBLEbAD: fun fact about Lego, 2x4 plate attached to another 2x4 plate is actually harder than splitting an atom (but not for long though...)
  • dOUBLEbAD: @Golden: Legos hurt when stepped on. Sometimes I feel it may hurt less to walk on broken glass, lol.
  • Golden: @dOUBLEbAD: Thanksgiving sucks for me, on a pain scale, I say, stepping on Legos... Jk it was great :)
  • dOUBLEbAD: @x32g: breaks are good most of the time xD
  • x32g: i'm too lazy to make my own level so i'm just gonna say it here, HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL!
    to answer your question i'm thankful for my break, really needed one
  • dOUBLEbAD: @BloodStorm: I might have a thing or two on ya, lol
  • BloodStorm: Yeah my life sucks. lol
  • dOUBLEbAD: @BloodStorm: you don't sound so sure about that one
  • BloodStorm: Everthing i guess.....

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