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nathanm - Custom level - from Windows
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It's a 3 part rocket where you can select the rocket's parts. There is an option of 3 bases and 3 heads, each with their own properies.

(The names will be shown from bottom to top)

Maga thruster
Laser thruster
Dual thruster

Space cutter
Armed shooter
Lightning rod


~selecting parts~
W, S - select base
up, down - select head
F - assemble rocket

~flying rocket~
Z - [see below]
accelerate (for all bases)
switch lasers on / off (for Laser thruster)
W, S - [see below]
steer (for all heads)
shoot mines (for Armed shooter)
shoot lasers (for Lightning rod)

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  • TheBossMan: I think you should do the body also!
  • BloodStorm: Really cool!
    Maybe wings or side special
    pieces would be a nice add. Like!
  • JOELwindows7: Wow Duper Awesome

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