Unofficial Contest: Christmas!

Golden - Custom level - from Android
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Since official contest of Christmas is not going to happen, so I decided I do this

Hello guys, a new unofficial contest for this year Christmas!
We be your judge to see whose level is the best, there are no rules!

Deadline: December 31st!

Good luck!!!


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  • Galvatron66: @Golden: there's one
  • Golden: So far no entry
  • gemaine: @Golden: might upload my be small cause I got to focus on the circuit
  • Golden: @woodnut: December 30th
  • woodnut2: Woohh , big gift man. When's your
  • Golden: @woodnut: ah I like Christmas, hoping to get a 3D printer. So I can try to print out principia's objects
    Also my birthday date are coming closer than they appear ;)
  • woodnut2: Great, I was thinking this yesterday. Good initiative :)
  • Golden: @gemaine: simple, make any Christmas themed and any Christmas stuff lol
  • gemaine: What do we have to do

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