BIGGEST THING: 1.00 weight throw test

xcrunchb1t3x - Custom level - from Android
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A test with a rocket chain motor..which might work. ;D

added more rockets to chain seems to speed it up more.

Now comes the throwing and testing with 1.00 pound weight

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  • xcrunchb1t3x: @x32g: yee still kinda new to the game still figuring out how those work lol
  • x32g: @xcrunchb1t3x: For the throwing part: Try suction cups. I don't remember where they are, but they are great at grabbing stuff and letting go very quickly.
  • xcrunchb1t3x: @x32g: Sure thats fine! :D
  • x32g: @xcrunchb1t3x: Could I put seats on the ends and make it a fair ride? With lots of credit to you of course, this is really impressive!
  • xcrunchb1t3x: @x32g: no its a huge spinning arm that will throw something big and am still trying to figure out how it could throw something bigger then the full size wheel
  • x32g: Is this like a fair ride? It looks like one I've seen before.
  • hosj12: @xcrunchb1t3x: rockets on the central point would be much more efficient
  • xcrunchb1t3x: Mmmm i could try gears.... But the time for it to fully speed up and throw something.... Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh idk if i should just use rockets.. @golden
  • JaredmosesGuantia: I'm feeling dizzy about this.
  • Golden: Gears?

LEVEL ID: 24431