[Contest] Hit that DUMMY results

TheBossMan - Adventure level - from Android
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  • Jaegar: @TheBossMan: look at mine :)
  • Golden: @NanoDude05: I got it :D OK thanks for helping me with publish problems I got it now
  • Golden: @NanoDude05: I'll try lol
  • NanoDude05: @Golden: So you save a copy then go to saves, click on the level at the top (the copy) then publish that.
  • Golden: @NanoDude05: well, same here, developer tools ftw!
  • NanoDude05: @Golden: I taught myself how to hack (I stumbled upon the f12 button) and I had programmed with java before, so I tried to hack it. It worked, and so I made an entry. It wouldn't publish, and so I thought "Hmm, I'll SAVE A COPY and publish it." It seemed to work.
  • Golden: @x32g: i hacked, but unable to publish, hmm
  • x32g: @Golden: True, that's why I added that
  • Golden: @x32g: he rarely presses derivatives button...
  • Golden: Well I guess I'll hack it...
  • Golden: Who disallowed the derivatives...
  • x32g: @NanoDude05: I pressed the derivative button like everyone else (well except for BobMonkeyPimp)
  • NanoDude05: @x32g: I want to ask : how did you do a derivative? (I know how to hack it, but I was wondering if you used an app of something)
  • x32g: We can't make any entries unless you open the level for derivatives you know...
    (Well, I mean we could but it would be harder for you to find all the entries)

LEVEL ID: 24435