Stop! Don't throw away your PC

Golden - Custom level - from Android
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Hello guys, I heard that many people throw away their old/broken/abandoned computers. Well stop what you are going to throw away, you can keep it for spare parts, but you can donate abandoned/broken/old pc that you don't want, to us, it could help us to learn to repair the broken pc, and yes, I am studying and learning in IT class. If you don't want us to explore your files that you are unable to access, just let us know and we could erase all files.

To donate: contact me via email

If you decide not to donate, still don't throw it away in garbage can, just recycle in electronics, just to save environment for earth ;)

Please don't hesitate/hate/offend me for this cause in comments or email, otherwise will be ignored.

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  • Hello World: I have a PC but, I play this on a tablet :|
  • PanzerEgorence: My pc is a potato
  • JupiterSky: Run-on sentences much? Sorry, I couldn't help myself. :I
  • Linux: @Golden: got a new one with a serial port really needed one
  • Golden: @Linux: oh nice lol
  • Linux: People also like giving me old pcs
  • Linux: I load my old PCs up with Linux good as new
  • Golden: @RasmusOlle: old pc is still useful ;P you can even upgrade from XP to Windows 10. I have .iso file
  • RasmusOlle: We usually keep all the PCs that work, even if they are out of date. This means we have a PC from 2006, and it still works. Also some years ago we found a computer running XP, but dad said it ran ME when he bought it.
  • Golden: @Coolblocks749: any old pc
  • Coolblocks749: How old?

    Beige plastic ainchent ones?
    Or the classic win7 dell ones that are in schools?
  • Demon666: lmao that's actually a really good idea.
  • Golden: And my career was to be an IT Networking lol
  • Golden: @dOUBLEbAD: nvm, I study at Forrest Technology Center
  • Golden: @dOUBLEbAD: what do you mean by facility?
  • dOUBLEbAD: Just out of curiosity, where is this facility located?

LEVEL ID: 24436