K.A.M.A.Y.C Challenge

HerokidsRS - Adventure level - from Android
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Its been so long since havent release a level, but here is the new level/challenge I made.All you have to do is kill as many as you can.But be careful, there's a laser tracker that will hunt you down (thx Milky_dad for lua.) The laser tracket credits to Milky_dad.As always have fun and..this level is kinda hard, even for me either so...goodluck, Feel free to tell me for bugs or suggestions for improving the game.
-HerokidsRS :D

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  • HerokidsRS: @Milky_dad: Oh, thx.Ill try to fix it.
  • Milky_dad: Good, but there is a bug. If you stand for the second platform, the laser kills the robots that are trying to reach the player

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