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Did you know that you can reflect railgun shot using laser bouncer? I didn't. But let's look deeper.

What is railgun? It's a weapon that uses electromagnets to help bullet reach very high speed. But bullet can't be reflected like that using mirror! Look! The reference angle equals to the reflection angle! That is not possible with bullet!

So it is not a railgun! ITS A LASER RIFLE!

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  • NanoDude05: @Golden: @HEKPOH: @x32g: it may be some sort of ruby-concentrated laser gun with some sort of oversized supercapacitors to charge and fire the electricity into the diode...... BUT it is 56 times too small to pack THAT much power to "kill" a robot....
  • Golden: @HEKPOH: yeah
  • HEKPOH: @Golden: I think only guys from Bithack know it
  • HEKPOH: @Golden: if it is ultraviolet, I don't know why it is so harmful to robots. Maybe they are made of polymer? But anyway, robots are exposed for very short time, and that's not enough for polymer to degradate
  • x32g: @Golden: aahhhh i see it now
  • Golden: @x32g: it is, look at laser with a magnifying glass...
  • x32g: @Golden: wait what
  • x32g: @Golden: wait what
  • Golden: @x32g: actually 1.0 is blue hmm
  • x32g: @Golden: I mean like with the normal laser in the game, like the purple one is 1.00 and the green is 0.00. I actually didn't know it was ultraviolet tho (not too keen on that stuff, not an engineer like everyone else)
  • Golden: @x32g: Ultraviolet, you tell by it's color of spectrum...
  • JOELwindows7: O: :O
  • x32g: The real question is, what's it's wavelength? (Like with the normal laser)
  • ak10670 - 2: Lol I just realized that, too

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