Santa Spying and What do you want for Christmas?

cswong235 - Custom level - from Android
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I know some people say Santa isn't real, but I think I could just move them on the edge of their facts a bit.

2 years ago, I wanted a Bop It! Tetris, then I added "Write a message down" at the bottom and days later, I saw a message saying "Ho, ho, ho! Let's see if you're a good boy!". I examined it and it looked nothing like my sister's and my parents' handwriting.

1 year later, on 26th of December, I saw a tiny wad of white fur. I thought it was just a cluster of dust bunnies, but it was never been THAT white before...

Anyways, what do you guys want for Christmas?

I asked for the Plague Inc. Board Game and some Steam gift cards. If Santa can't afford these, then I'll just have a souvenir like a small wooden motorcycle or an ancient iron.

Merry Christmas from cswong235

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  • cswong235: @x32g: ahhh... So that's what they call "life"
  • x32g: All I want for Christmas is a marathon of my shows and a cup of hot cocoa.
  • cswong235: @Golden: a drone eh?
  • Golden: Eh, getting a drone lol
  • cswong235: @TheBossMan: hmmm.... Well, in Asia, we don't put Christmas trees in our houses... I just pasted the letter in my bedroom and BAM! Next morning it was on the floor.
  • Coolblocks749: Steam cards would sell WAY more if the minimum wasnt a huge $20
  • TheBossMan: So fake Santa put a note for you?
  • TheBossMan: Santa was real before. But Santa died later. So we can't get presents under are trees anymore :(
  • LauttaSam: @cswong235: I too hope you will get that you want :)
  • cswong235: @LauttaSam: that's nice! I hope you'll get them. I don't think I'll get my board game because it was newly released this month.... But I heard that most of the people said that they got it!
  • LauttaSam: I will have a new phone which supports gyroscope and virtual reality glasses, I am hyped about them! May be a little disappointing, because I am expecting too much I think, but it is worth it. And, as on every Christmas, some chocolate & candies!

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