JaredmosesGuantia - Custom level - from Windows
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(Fork Edition)

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  • x32g: @that guy: Well, you asked for it.
  • JaredmosesGuantia: @that guy: Fork him?
  • that guy2: Oh wait that's the troll account. Yeah fork him.
  • that guy2: fite? i fite. u gon get ded.
  • Coolblocks749: Nevermind.
  • Coolblocks749: @x32g: does the real one know about zis?
  • HEKPOH: I wish I have haters
  • HEKPOH: Mmmm haters
  • Golden: But I know who did this, it was nuklear2 (don't mention him)
  • Golden: @JaredmosesGuantia: he's dead... I hacked him...
  • JaredmosesGuantia: @stardustdestruktor: WAIT!!!!

    ( X )
  • JaredmosesGuantia: @stardustdestruktor: >:(
  • x32g: @stardustdestruktor: @wassup: He isn't talking about the real BobMonkeypimp. Notice how the first b isn't capitalized and that there is an underscore at the end. This account, @bobmonkeypimp_, is some troll's fake account. He has good reason to hate the troll, and this is nothing against the real one.
  • stardustdestruktor: Whats wrong with you bobmonkeypimp is 10 times better than you
  • wassup: What one of the cars is Bobmonkeypimp's?

LEVEL ID: 24603