Survey: Who still knows how to hack into levels?

Coolblocks749 - Custom level - from Android
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Prove it by hacking this level and resposting a derivative with a modified description and name.

Also comment the link to that level.

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  • Linux: Li learned how to hex edit levels but didn't get very far
  • Johnsinna: @Coolblocks749: i and golden found it in a devs level
  • Coolblocks749: @Johnsinna: yeah.... uh everyone has magnets.
  • Johnsinna: *magnets not electromagnets*
  • Johnsinna: @Coolblocks749: but its actually "not accepted" cuz its more like breaking into levels. But as proof check out the electromagnets on my level
  • Johnsinna: @Coolblocks749: k
  • Coolblocks749: @Johnsinna: Then hack into it.
  • Johnsinna: I do
  • NanoDude05: I actually just figured it out not too long ago.
  • NanoDude05: @Coolblocks749 I thought I was the only one LOL

    I didn't ask anyone to figure it out, I just thought that I could use developer mode to do it on google

LEVEL ID: 24610