Rocket (Full 2.2) 500+ download

hmos - Adventure level - from Android
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New rocket Full 2.2
New features planned
New ship model
Door added
Stablizer added
Elevator model uptated
Door bug fixed
Stabilizer bug fixed
Car deleted
Speed mater added
Pilot door added
Boosters added
RC monster added
New features planned
Space home added
Repair Station added
Space home creator:Zeynep.Zetom
Rocket suspansion added
Full automatic doors
Big door added
New system added
Rocket=landed rocket
New rocket model
Two cocpit
Landing system buggy
Z rocket cam C robot cam
RC controller added

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  • hmos: Go Rocket new version 1.2 place pls
  • hmos: @potato: ok
  • potato: Use a stabilizer
  • NanoDude05: What?

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