After Christmas

cswong235 - Custom level - from Android
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Well, I didn't get my Steam cards and the Plague Inc.: Board Game (I'll guess I'll be staying as a F2P for another year... :( )

Instead, I got a Nerf gun, a gold ancient iron and a box of Belgian chocolate. My sister got a box of Kinder Buenos.

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  • cswong235: @potatoguyst: im poor too...
  • potatoguyst: @cswong235: OH ok im not p2p im poor jk
  • potatoguyst: @cswong235: idk is that a username?
  • cswong235: @potatoguyst: are you p2p...?
  • potatoguyst: @cswong235: yeah lel
  • cswong235: @potatoguyst: do ya play tf2?
  • Hobbit: I got a crossbow, going to do some turkey hunting with it!!!
  • potatoguyst: i got 400$
  • Johnsinna: :D
  • cswong235: @Johnsinna: Well... That's... Something...
  • Johnsinna: Nothing :D
  • cswong235: So what did you guys get?

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