Lua #44: Homing Mine Cannon

Chad64 - Adventure level - from Android
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It kinda looks like the Tesla gun though~
Please like and comment on what you think about it! :D

ty to @HXCTCreations for a more stable weapon arm angle fix :)

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  • JupiterSky: Wow! Nice work.
  • Chad64: @Diablocks US: no one is banned from making copies, you just have to give credits to the real creator. BTW this rule applies to multiselecting/copypasting lua aswell. :)

    you just have to add a statement like this in description:
    Credits to @(name of original creator) for the (name of borrowed thingy)

    Do this and you'll be fine, if you don't, shit happens.
  • Diablocks US: Say,making lua levels would've been much harder.
    Thanks to you,making lua levels isnt that hard,And i dont even have to make a copy (I will keep my promise to not make copies.)
    All I have to do is...
    Simply,use multi-select,select the lua,export it,& then simply place it in my level.
    As simple as that.
    So thanks,much help!
  • Chad64: @Atomic Cyclone: i was out of ideas, the creative spirit left me for months
  • Atomic Cyclone: @Chad64: Hey I was thinking You abandoned principia! Nice Lua Gun!
  • Diablocks US: When you fire a homing mine it acts like a "Homing Missile" when it finds a robot in its reach,because when does,it goes STRAIGHT for it,very good for a wepon creation!
  • Chad64: @HXCTCreations: Wow man thanks! You helped out me and a few hundred people who cant read instructions :D you must be the new upcoming zardOz
  • HXCTCreations: @Chad64: I have a solution for your calibration issue. You need to wrap the n value using n=(what you have written on the script)%1 :)
  • wassup: @Chad64: oh yea and by the way I LOVE YOUR JADE DRAGON
  • wassup: @Chad64: ooh YEY
  • Chad64: @wassup: Thanks man! I'm gonna be more active now. Got tons of new fresh ideas. :3
  • wassup: This is so cool!

LEVEL ID: 24674