vote for military green

gemaine - Custom level - from Android
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Just comment you G# and I will pick a colour when I get a total of ten votes
Or if you have a better green comment the values the red,green and blue #

Views: 300 Downloads: 52 Unique objects: 2 Total objects: 12

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  • hosj12: I think right in the middle
  • wassup: G1
  • TheBossMan: G2
  • gemaine: @Golden: that will be perfected in 5 months
  • gemaine: @Golden: but I'm sure your going to like my huge level
  • gemaine: @Golden: nvm
  • gemaine: @Golden: golden do you know how to make an rc switch when a value is sent but then it goes back to the first rc with slow motion
  • Golden: Both for camo, it makes it real tank
  • gemaine: @Coolblocks749: I've never done camo
  • Coolblocks749: G1
  • Coolblocks749: Both for camo

LEVEL ID: 24698