I choose NanoDude05 as the winner for tables and chairs but other will have another chance

gemaine - Custom level - from Android
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The winner is NanoDude05 your credits are currently written on my level named huge project
Other there will be more chances for you to get credits soon

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  • gemaine: @NanoDude05
  • gemaine: @Coolblocks749: dummy sized
  • gemaine: @Coolblocks749: dummy sized
  • Coolblocks749: Uh you accidently revised an old level instead of making a new one.
    Anyway how big do you want these chairs to be? Give me a scale, like robot sized or dummy sized?
  • gemaine: @Golden: you not thou
  • gemaine: @Golden: this would be easy for thou golden
  • Golden: @gemaine: mount object finder on laser
  • Golden: @gemaine: sure
  • gemaine: @Golden: please get back to me as soon as you can
  • gemaine: @Golden: golden I have fixed the problem but I have a question could I use you smart turret for my level I will give you the credits
  • gemaine: @Golden: that's what I'm using but it never locks on the. Laser sensor that's my problem
  • Golden: I mean why not use object finder, ignore this comment below \/
  • Golden: @gemaine: ... Fuse sensor with object finder?
  • gemaine: But that's automatic I need one that a player chooses to active@Golden:
  • Golden: Why not make scanner? Like my smart turret

LEVEL ID: 24719