I guess a dummy --Possibly the last chance for credits

that guy2 - Custom level - from Windows
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  • x32g: That pose is amazing.
  • gemaine: Ok your credits currently written on my level called huge project
  • that guy2: @gemaine: hec yahboi i b doin dis o ya mayuhn le w00t dabb dab dab
  • gemaine: I'm going to take that as a yes
  • gemaine: So you are in
  • gemaine: So you are in
  • gemaine: @that guy: its for the credits
  • that guy2: @gemaine: The sounds perfect for this song I'm working on.
  • gemaine: Its an action stunt hacking level is that's good
  • that guy2: @gemaine: I can probably make you multiple songs; I'm actually working on a second at the moment. I'll wire them up to be simply switched on/off, so you can activate them with a condenser or toggler or otherwise. Need anything specific music-wise? A major-keyed theme for the credits? Something slow for a cutscene?
  • gemaine: So just get back to me if you are in you have a max time of four months to work on it that's approximately one month before my huge level comes out so just tell me yes I'm in or no
  • gemaine: I can give you music artist credit if you can change the frequencies of your recent music level to frequencies above 20000 and make it activate with proximity sensor and allow me to use it tell me If you are in or not

LEVEL ID: 24799