Turbo Lift with Laser Cable and Lift Call

NanoDude05 - Adventure level - from Windows
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If anyone wants to use, go ahead. Just make sure the credit is to me.

-Has a call function, just walk into the id field to the right (it only works when elevator is not on that floor).
-Added parachute(when elevator on top floor, jump onto parachute and connect to rc and press
-NOTE:This version is NOT made for cosmetic purposes. It is only the concept and easy-to-find components. You can make it look good in your levels.

-Now looks better
-Added doors (if u get stuck on the wrong side, walk up to door. It will open.)
-More coming soon.

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  • JupiterSky: Very cool!
  • gemaine: Ok thanks
  • NanoDude05: @gemaine: thanks. just use box select to multi-select it. It contains mini transmitters of frequencies over 1000
  • gemaine: Its will work good as an elevator
  • gemaine: Its also cause I'm already done building the first level just need to perfect it
  • gemaine: @NanoDude05: I will surely use it in the sequel but I can't give you your credits right now online cause I'm keep the sequel secret currently
  • NanoDude05: @gemaine: you can use in Huge Level

LEVEL ID: 24802