cswong235 - Custom level - from Android
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Another very, very big credit to HXCTCreations for the original Woodemon level, and now I remade it as maximum weights!

Z: Move
F/G:Change mode
H:Release pieces

Views: 281 Downloads: 63 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 56

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  • cswong235: @wolf_bloodfury: lol
  • wolf_bloodfury: Lua hurts my brain
  • wolf_bloodfury: @cswong235: oh okays thanks
  • cswong235: @wolf_bloodfury: In the Lua Script, there are two lines namely "ids" and "mids". The ids is the line that controls the first layer of the objects circling around the base object (which is the one in the middle I call "nucleus") The mids is the line that controls the objects that circles around the objects on the first layer. Like I taught you below, you change the old ID to the new ID.
    For the ids, I taught you that already
    For the mids, the line has several brackets with 3 numbers in them. Each number is separated by a comma. One set of brackets is separated with commas too. To make the circling objects, find the ID numbers of the objects you want them to circle around the nucleus or the first layer of objects. You can add more numbers in each set of brackets for more objects to circle around objects.
  • wolf_bloodfury: Metaldoom*
  • wolf_bloodfury: And wht about the other one you did with the wooden balls? How did you mke the wooden balls orbit wooden balls?
  • wolf_bloodfury: @cswong235: thanks
  • cswong235: @wolf_bloodfury: In the Lua Script, there's a line "ids". In the line there are some numbers in the brackets. These are the ID numbers for the floating objects. To find the IDs, select the Lua Script, press the crosshair button and press the object you want to find out its ID. Then, type the ID number into the brackets in the "ids" line in the Lua Script. Repeat to make more floating objects.
  • wolf_bloodfury: What do you change in the script to replace the floaties?
  • JOELwindows7: Please stop, XD lol haha! Too funny to read!
    Duper Awesome

LEVEL ID: 24935