Chad64 - Custom level - from Android
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freakin small aircraft

Very compact, has cool features

button: brake
slider: flight engine, always put to max when flying
circle: thruster, used to fly up/down. ALWAYS POINT RIGHT, OR UPRIGHT, OR DOWNRIGHT.

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  • BloodStorm: almost as compact as my hover artillerist (i made more LRATs when my connection downed after i got my new tablet after i broke the other one)
  • dOUBLEbAD: Lol, sounds good
  • Chad64: @dOUBLEbAD: oh yeah, about that slow takeoff, i wanted it to replicate a real aircraft. It's just how i wanted it to be :3 you could edit it to max speed for your own pleasure
  • dOUBLEbAD: I'm thinking that increasing the rocket output some and maybe adding some density to one of the tail pieces may smooth it out a bit
  • dOUBLEbAD: It's not that I feel I am doing it wrong, just feels sluggish on the ascent like there is too much weight or too little upward thrust.
  • dOUBLEbAD: I believe that the circle is where I am having the difficulty, lol
  • Chad64: @dOUBLEbAD: .. are you using the circle properly?
  • Chad64: @dOUBLEbAD: i wanted it to fly like a real airplane, and that thought seemed to have fucked with the flying system. always remember to put slider to max when flying :)
  • dOUBLEbAD: This is generally a nice build, flight is a little weird as it seems a little heavy somewhere but I am not sure if anything can be done with that. Either way, good work!
  • Chad64: @Jaegar: eh, ur right
  • Chad64: @BobMonkeypimp: well, not today x3 but i did make progress. i guess imma put it in my WIP list for now
  • BobMonkeypimp: I still think you can do it.
  • builder123: A-20G havoc xD
  • Jaegar: You already have a good name

LEVEL ID: 24978