Crappy Brick Breaker DELUXE

Chad64 - Custom level - from Android
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It's a level, they said. It's a brick breaker level, they said.
Sequel to my other level: Crappy Brick Breaker. link here:
Credits to @HXCTCreations for Bouncy Balls Lua!
PC - A/D
Mobile - Z/X

*10 levels to finish!
*and more!

Views: 704 Downloads: 223 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 488

Top 10 Players

1. bestbattle
2. hosj12
3. x32g
4. QuickestW0LF
5. Windows 98 fan
6. Linux

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  • Schnabelborg: 9
  • x32g: The ball violently rubbed against the paddle until I moved it
  • Chad64: @bestbattle: @Golden: imma check on the problem tomorrow, sorry about your scores. :3
  • bestbattle: Level 10 is bugged indeed - gives some lua script error.
  • Golden: @Chad64: not sure
  • Chad64: @Golden: crash? do you think its from the game?
  • Golden: @Chad64: I got to level 10 but somehow game broke
  • PanzerEgorence: @Chad64: it freaks out lmao
  • Chad64: *and its alot funnier than last time
  • Chad64: @PanzerEgorence: @GlaDos: @Golden: fixed, well, it doesn't bother much about gameplay anymore unlike last time. :) but its still there
  • PanzerEgorence: Broken platform.
  • Chad64: @GlaDos: idk how to fix it :( i probably messed up something with the ball velocity
  • GlaDos: It doesn't detect the platform
  • JOELwindows7: It's Deluxe for real, Duper Awesome!
  • Chad64: @Golden: nvm it got worse
  • Chad64: @Golden: try it now, i think i fixed it by giving a delay to a random part in the code xD
  • Golden: @Chad64: I think it happens when you get fastball
  • Chad64: @Golden: fk
  • Golden: @Chad64: I see your next project is space invaders
  • Chad64: @Golden: that's a secret problem I'm having trouble putting out. xD idk why it does that
  • Golden: to this is fk this
  • Golden: @Chad64: I was playing, I wouldn't have lost but ball went like to this and got stuck to pad and filling under then I lost...
  • HXCTCreations: This is quite entertaining lol
  • Chad64: @BobMonkeypimp:: Update went wrong, duplicated level x.x Now cleaner balls xD

LEVEL ID: 25026