Gong Xi Fa Coy's Thingy

paxus - Custom level - from Android
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This thingy is for celebrate Chinese New Year purpose
I want to make barongsai, but what is this?

×€*#*$*$¥#(#&/!#(_¥!×$!($)#,_? $*$¥@(_*?×($(@¥#)$?_?)_($*$?#¥_($(#('(@(×?

F=do black-pao vomit
G=fly up
J =for flipped problem
X=Gong Xi Fa Coy Energy bar.
Q & A
Q:How to use Gong Xi Fa Coy?
A:Just tap the X slider, then it fly forward.
Q:How to do fast backflip?
A:Just hold J and K.

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