New Microbicus Engine (E)

MARRA92 - Custom level - from Windows
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Very small 4-Cylinder Engine with some adjustments for improve the performance.

Capable of over 1200 RPM ( static or with smaller wheels )

Similar engine was installed on Muscle Car Upgrade level, but that old engine had some issues.

How to place it without goin crazy:
-Paste on your level
-Align bottom black beam to grid and lock it with 2 Wall Pivot
-Edit: unlock all
-Re-lock one bottom beam, one cylinder and one L3 sublayer plank.
-Delete wall pivots
-Drag it by the locked beam and do same positioning the cylinder ( this will avoid cylinder to rotate )
-Ready to use

Alternatively, just start build around it.

If you export it into another level, remember to re-set the ID FIELDS

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