Deadly Seas (WIP)

MARRA92 - Custom level - from Windows
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I decided to try make one top-view based level, simulating some naval gameplay-combat.


ASWD / Slider - Vehicle Control
FH - Weapon Control
G - Weapon Fire

My idea is to create 2 or 3 kind of vehicles and targets.

Sample vehicles:
-L3 Weapon Boat
-L2 Weapon Battle Ship
-Scout Helicopter
-Scout Boat
-VTOL Plane

Publish your own vehicles, scripts or terrains to make grow the fun!

I will in future improve also my other old level 'Tank Shooting Range Alpha'

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  • woodnut2: Super design.
  • MARRA92: My second level to enter the top year, great thanx averyone for support
  • BloodStorm: Nice!
  • MARRA92: @Banget: first to further improve actual vehicles, make em nice to drive, give each vehilce a different feeling and handling, then applyng LUA's for more stuff but first need a solid base; are details making the difference between a artwork and a scrap
  • MARRA92: @Banget: i need hep with designing some lua stuff, not someone that develope level on his way without derivates: derivates are usefu l to let players understand how work a level , i cant figure how use sprites and your LUA if u keep em locked. boats are easy to design just need some care, but what i need are the systems, and i wont do a thing if u keep lock stuff
  • Banget: @MARRA92: @MARRA92: @MARRA92: @MARRA92: @MARRA92: @MARRA92: @MARRA92: @MARRA92: please allow derivatives to level. Plz
  • Banget: @Chad64: what to disallow derivatives to level?
  • Banget: Please no update to level. Plz.
  • Banget: Please Allow Derivatives to level. Plz.
  • Banget: Show to Banget!
  • MARRA92: @Banget: let it editable too
  • Banget: @MARRA92: was added Helicopter lua to fan sprite.
  • MARRA92: @Banget: use your fan sprite for helicopter
  • MARRA92: @Banget: please make some nice lua stuff
  • Banget: Please Allow derivatives to level. Plz
  • Banget: @MARRA92: What added helicopter?
  • MARRA92: @Chad64: thanx! Im tring make some little of realism for what possibil
  • Chad64: .. Wow. that's beautiful. I like how you used the fx emitters

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