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potato - Adventure level - from Android
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Fixed............with. A little help from marra92

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  • potato: Ok
  • MARRA92: you can also point the servo moving down ( its rotating line icon pointed down ) and make the system: objectfield - inverter - ct in2 ( will result ct operating OUT1-1 OUT2-1 when the field outputs a 0), then it reverse the inverter and the CT will result operating OUT1-1 OUT2-0 when robot activate the field
  • potato: Thx
  • potato: The
  • dOUBLEbAD: 2 general reasons. The object finder was not set to look for the robot. After that, the oblect finder was set on a different level than the spikes making it not activate when the robot was under them. @MARRA92: has corrected these issues in their derivatives.
  • MARRA92: fixed

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