Lua #45: Pogo-stick

Chad64 - Adventure level - from Android
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A little pogo-stick, designed for the adventure robot. Idea by Golden

Please like and comment on what you think about it!! :D

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  • principiafreak300: a.x+a.width/2>b.x-b.width/2
  • principiafreak300: @Golden: @Chad64: This isn't even so hard for rectangles.
  • Chad64: @Golden: it IS possible, because lua. But coding physics is currently beyond mah knowledge 8)
  • Golden: @Chad64: I think making collision detection Is possible, demon666 made one but, it's possible to grab x,y from a table that has approximately equal to object position which disable one movement ;P
  • JOELwindows7: Really Duper Awesome!!!!
  • potatoguyst: how bout make a working wodden MACHINE gun not lua
  • Chad64: @Diablocks US: xD
  • Diablocks US: @Chad64: well thats fine
    That works too,i guess...
  • Chad64: @Linux: ill put it in the WIP list, seems hard, cause i recall zardoz not finishing his own mario one. I don't even know how to do collision stuff yet :v
  • Chad64: @Diablocks US: no, i didn't have ideas
  • Diablocks US: Well this is something new,
    After a long of not publishing a level.
    (Have you...not published any new levels because you were sick or very busy?)
  • Linux: @Chad64: like a side view plqtformer
  • Chad64: @Linux: what ya mean by game engine? something like unity? or a little topview platformer game?
  • Linux: No a 2d tile game engine just a challenge
  • Golden: @Linux: @Chad64: let me guess, make a black hole in a black hole?
  • Chad64: @Linux: idk maybe
  • Linux: Want a challenge
  • Chad64: @Golden: tadahh :) was great fun making it. Im progressing in coding because of this lua series :3 i just need to learn how to code cleanly and im set.

LEVEL ID: 25189