Mining Machine (E)

MARRA92 - Custom level - from Windows
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* Wait a sec for the servo to adjust *

This is my project about a machine that is able to extract something from a hole in the ground and carry it.

I initially tried using game resources such as rubies or whatever resouce, but they seem to be too small and also making lot of lag in huge amount.

So I went for size 2 cylinders that seem work better because they cant finish stuck between chainmails.

Conveyors are made properly to not let escape extracted goods, the rear conveyor is made inspired by a "cleaner chain" that is used in some machines to clean the bottom part of a transport tape: its guided from layer 3 rails in which run the cylinders reducing alot the possible undesired grip, and is so suspended for most of its course.

Slider: Arm Position
A-D: Move Vehicle

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  • Bestforgames: My phone VIVO Y55S no crash? Will 9 fps........
  • Golden: Looks better now
  • Banget: @Golden: Lag for golden....
  • Banget: @Golden: That to Mining machine level.
  • MARRA92: @Golden:
  • Golden: @Banget: @MARRA92: and increase speed to change angels, I hate to wait + lag....
  • Banget: Please minimum object to level. Plz
  • Banget: @MARRA92: maybe...... your be a night?
  • MARRA92: @Banget: one day maybe... or a night
  • Banget: Please lock to level. Plz
  • Banget: Please allow derivatives to level. Plz
  • hosj12: @MARRA92: that's fine I wanted to see what would happen if I added fluid
  • MARRA92: @hosj12: allowed, its about 3/5 done, missing rear part and interacting vehicles
  • hosj12: Can you please allow derivatives

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