The Evërywhërë on MARRA92's Test Track

stardustdestruktor - Custom level - from Android
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Strong tank drive everywhere with In-Wheel engine

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  • BloodStorm: i dont have a pc
  • MARRA92: @stardustdestruktor: for my phone i can only get the 1,4 version, byt MRSIMB told me it will prolly never work, since outdated, to play i'll need "pirate" app
  • stardustdestruktor: @MARRA92: i dont understand why you dont download it and test? You want to buy or ?
  • MARRA92: @stardustdestruktor: damn i wish i could install game on phone :/ being from PC i have no clue how them run on mobiles
  • stardustdestruktor: @BloodStorm: marras track is very big maybe you should buy better device
  • BloodStorm: Crashes before it loads
  • MARRA92: Fancy

LEVEL ID: 25276