Need For LUA: Emitter Mod

MARRA92 - Custom level - from Windows
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I need the mini emitter to be able to emit the Rocket Launcher Rocket, an Item.

This will be inserted in Deadly Seas level, for air vehicles weapons

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  • Artemking: Not, we cant, we can use just entity, not one of them.
  • BloodStorm: @Demon666 maybe able to help
  • MARRA92: @Coolblocks749: i need it mobile, if possible lua stuff that simply emits a rocket at command from mini emitter or from the luascript item directly, or from a specific ID
  • Coolblocks749: The Multi-emitter does that, if you want something stationary. This certinly is possible though.
  • Golden: @Try: is
  • Golden: @MARRA92: not really a modder
  • MARRA92: @golden:

LEVEL ID: 25290