My rapid machine gun V 1.4.2

paxus - Adventure level - from Android
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This is my rapid machine gun

$)@(#*#(@(((_ $?$(#¥_)+?+)@(#? $?#(_

X=Aim and fire
C=Slide down to reload
V=Ammunition bar

Q:If I using PC, how to move?
A:Just press A key to go reverse and D key to go forward.

Q:If I using PC, is there a simpler way to reload?
A:Yes, it is. Just press F key.

Change log:
1.0 :First release
1.1 :Make it much faster
1.2 :Added Half pipe for do some attractions if you want, make it can flip and backflip, make it faster, decreased wall HP, and modified its model
1.3:Tidied the wiring and combined the control to move and flips
1.4:Made if the robot (not yourself) dies, the machine destroys
1.4.1:Made the Thumbnail
1.4.2:Changed a bit to thumbnail and more enemy after halfpipes

Credit to that guy for his HP lua (for his wall HP)

Special note:
*You can Crush robots by moving (have chance to fly)
*It can stabilize itself while in air
*You can do some attraction in half pipe
*You can use that ammo reload system in your project

_¥*÷? $*'&#€_($! $*#(@(_(#?$?$
Any problem?
Or Enjoy.

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  • paxus: If you have problem about it, just reply me in this level. Then I fix it.
  • paxus: Any problem about it?
  • paxus: Thank you for that.
  • czarcipomiot: good job :)
  • paxus: Yes, thank you.
  • BloodStorm: Amazing! It has hp, customizable weapons, and very mobile and a mag reload system!

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