Simple walker

Golden - Custom level - from Android
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This is the simple and compact circuit that can make walking pattern :P the speed can be changed by reducing the millisecond in sequencer to go faster or adding to go slow (both sequencer must have same timer or it won't walk synchronized)

Updated: added reverse ~ but but smooth reverse in first step backwards, tried to make it simple but frequencies were interfering.

On circuit board, black beam is layer one servos and white is layer two servos

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  • Meowtixgames: @Golden: thanks you!
  • Golden: @Meowtixgames:
  • Meowtixgames: @Golden: please.
  • Golden: @Meowtixgames: walks on only direction, but I can make it go both direction if you want me to
  • Meowtixgames: Din't walk otyer side?
  • Meowtixgames: Thanks!
  • Golden: @Meowtixgames:

LEVEL ID: 25327